Remote Monitoring and Tech Support

$10.00 / month


With this subscription, we will be ready during all posted business hours to take your call. When you first set up this subscription, we will go in and fix whatever issue you’re calling about. Then, we will do a tune-up, scan for malware, and install a trusted and secure antivirus solution on your device.

After the initial setup, if you have any problems with your device, you can give us a call during our posted business hours and receive support at no additional charge.

Included in this service: Anything that can be done remotely. Security camera help, printer support, antivirus, upgrades, PC and laptop troubleshooting, backups, restores, connectivity issues, email configuration, software setup, network issues, etc.

Not included: We cannot remotely access mobile devices like phones and tablets. Those will need to be serviced in person. 

The subscription service is recommended for anyone who needs regular support.